“I believe that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with and that is why I have chosen to include Elizabeth King in my circle of influence. The amount of value and intellectual horsepower she brings to the table is beyond words.

Elizabeth helped me walk through the transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship with grace and poise. We spent the day together brainstorming, white boarding and capturing ideas; really identifying the essence of my newly acquired company. We harnessed core values, identified a true driving statement and really narrowed down the “soul” of Pooches Paradise. She is, and will continue to be, a trusted business advisor.”

Nick Langley
Owner, Pooches Paradise

“Wow! Elizabeth stepped into an event that we’ve done for the past four years and brought a level of structure and repeatability that we’ve never had before. She helped evaluate our event and immediately incorporated new action steps to improve fundraising for this year and in the future. With four committee members, we met our fundraising goals and had more sponsorships than ever. One of the most helpful tools Elizabeth gave us was her checklist. I feel very confident that we don’t have to have the “right” people on the committee because we have a checklist to follow to achieve our fundraising goals. I would highly recommend Elizabeth King Consulting for any non-profit that needs help organizing and increasing their fundraising.”

Clay Staires
Board President, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

“From high heels and chic mode to hardworking blue jeans, Elizabeth King is the consummate professional who can parlay with the donor club and still relate to those in need. Her professionalism, grace, and heart are a recipe for effective PR and fundraising. I am excited for her consulting firm and am even more excited for the oncoming clients who will undoubtedly enjoy and benefit from the services Elizabeth King will provide. I HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth.”

Joe Newhouse
Oklahoma State Senator / Real Estate Broker / Navy Pilot

“Elizabeth is a dynamic talent and is an asset to any team in which she is a part of in a company or out in the community. Elizabeth is a highly motivated and effective leader that has vast experience in corporate philanthropy through her design and management of the Cox Charities, the employee funded charity she began at Cox Communications in Oklahoma that is responsible for annual local contributions of over $600,000 annually.

Elizabeth has a demonstrated ability in employee engagement tactics ranging from volunteer programs to company led diversity programs and as a result is typically asked to lead special committees and groups ranging in size from 30 to over 100 employees per activity. She is a creative and visionary thinker that always puts the needs of the team in front of her own priorities.”

Jon Trudgeon
Director of Development at Westminster School

“During my 20 years working in communications and public relations, I’ve been fortunate to work with several strong writers and skilled communicators. But within that talented group,
only a very few have demonstrated such dedication to the profession and principles of public relations as Elizabeth King, APR, a fact that is evident in her career path, her professional and community affiliations and her consistently excellent work.

I worked with Elizabeth at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. We were colleagues in the advertising and public communications department for nearly three years, and for a brief time, Elizabeth reported to me. In both cases, I relied on Elizabeth’s expertise, skills and counsel. She is not only a talented writer and PR pro, but also extremely organized, detail-oriented and productive. Whether it was something simple, such as writing a press release, or something complex, like coordinating a highly visible community event with multiple stakeholders, when Elizabeth took on a task our team could rest assured knowing that it would be handled promptly, thoroughly and with great skill and care.

Elizabeth works effectively both on her own and as a part of a team. She is always willing to help her coworkers, on or off the clock. She even suggested the perfect flowers to help make my very simple wedding ceremony very memorable. Elizabeth would be a valuable asset to any team or organization.”

Chad Friesen
Founder, Thoughtborne, LLC

“Elizabeth was the consummate professional in her position at Marketing Associate of the Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW). Her key areas of responsibilities surrounded huge events for TAUW that ranged from formal dinners for 700+ to the largest sand volleyball tournament in the area to 5K runs to intimate gatherings for high level donors. Her organization was impeccable with calm, exacting execution. Elizabeth performed way beyond her experience in her first job out of college and was a delightful, dedicated employee. I would hire her, work with her or FOR her anytime.”

Debra J. (DJ) Morrow Ingram
PR, Media, Government Relations and Social Media Pro,
Consultant for Non-Profits and Small Business

“Elizabeth’s passion for helping others is infectious. Her dedication to the development and growth of the Cox Charities is inspirational and admirable. Elizabeth is skilled in communications, both written and verbal. Her presentation style is personable and engaging. It has been a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. I consider her a valuable asset to our organization.”

Emily Brandenburg
Product Marketing at Cox Communications

“Elizabeth is wonderful communicator through the written word as well as through public speaking. Her training presentation style is friendly and humorous as she engages the audience and leads them to “engage in the company.” Time and again she has proven her ability to produce home runs with employees as well as with community leaders. I highly recommend Elizabeth.”

Clay Staires
Speaker & Trainer at Clay Staires LLC

“I was privileged to work with Elizabeth King professionally at Tulsa Area United Way and volunteer with her on the Susan G. Komen public relation committee. Elizabeth has superb writing and communication skills and her event planning is second to none. Her attention to detail and organization abilities assured projects went smoothly. She is a team player who brings leadership, creativity and new ideas to any project. Elizabeth works with integrity, compassion and drive. I learned a lot from working with her over the years and also gained an amazing friend.”

Jennifer McIntyre
Marketing Specialist – American Public Life at American Fidelity


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