The Five Keys


Using five simple keys, Elizabeth King Consulting can help you unlock the power of your story. This proven system provides an opportunity for valuable research and evaluation, in addition to planning and execution, to maximize the effectiveness of your communication and give you the tools for success.

Key 1: Assessment

Having a clear understanding of your business and current communication efforts is necessary to lay the groundwork for any type of storytelling campaign. Assessment is used to establish your identity, define your business and target your audience. Research is a valuable tool to analyze a situation and determine a plan of action.

Key 2: Goal Setting

Setting goals and objectives using the SMARTER method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based, evaluate and reset) provides a guideline for communication planning and keeps a campaign from losing focus on what is most important. Measurable goals and objectives are crucial to effectively evaluate program success.

Keys 3 & 4: Messaging and Planning

Message creation and communication plans work in tandem to create a comprehensive framework to achieve campaign goals and objectives. Key messages, success stories and design create the storytelling components, while communication plans outline tactics, timelines and budgets necessary for implementation. Focusing on how to communicate with target audiences, in addition to the execution of program specifics, creates a thorough campaign plan that allows for seamless implementation.

Key 5: Evaluation

Evaluation utilizes the campaign goals and objectives to determine program success and is an important step that is often overlooked at the end of a campaign. By capturing feedback from internal and external stakeholders, the evaluation process provides an opportunity to assess what worked well and opportunities for improvement in the future.

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