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3 Reasons Why You Need Business Storytelling

By Elizabeth King

Kermit the Frog

AAAGGGHHH! At least that’s what it sounds like in my head when I’m freaking out and channeling my inner Kermit the Frog.

On the outside, I’m smiling and behaving like a professional.

I’d like to say this doesn’t happen too often, but I can usually count on this phenomenon when I’m trying something new or outside my comfort zone. And that has been a lot since I left my corporate job and started my own business.

I describe self-employment as equally exciting and terrifying.

On one hand, I have 20+ years of work experience and expertise to share with others – and that is really exciting. On the other hand, I’m doing a lot of new things that are pushing me to learn and grow – and that is slightly terrifying.

I’m convinced that all business owners experience this fear to a certain degree. Thankfully there are lots of experts to help you with the things you need to learn.

As a communication consultant, I’d like to share some of the concerns that I hear the most:

  • “Why is everybody talking about storytelling when it comes to business?”
  • “Everybody has an opinion on how I should market my business. How do I know what will work?”
  • “I don’t know a thing about communications – and I don’t know where to start.”

Can you relate to any of these concerns?

Let’s dive into the first concern – business storytelling – and why it is so important for your business.

Business Storytelling: What’s the Big Deal?

Business storytelling is vital when it comes to connecting with your audience.

Here are the top three reasons why storytelling is important for your business:

  1. People want to feel a connection with the companies where they work and do business. Storytelling creates a human connection that bridges WHAT a company does with WHY they do what they do.
  2. When you tell stories, you make your customers feel good about their decision to buy your products or work for your company – and that creates trust and brand loyalty!
  3. When customers and employees are loyal brand ambassadors – they will use, buy and most importantly – promote your company. That means increased profits and lower employee churn – both of which will help you grow your business.

Marketing is no longer about features and benefits – it’s about who you are and what’s important to your company. It’s about telling your story.

Want to learn more about business storytelling and why it’s so important for growing your business? Click here to get the scoop!

About The Author

Elizabeth King, APR, is a public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience in internal and external communications, employee engagement and education, community relations, fundraising and foundation administration, and event management.

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